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Dog friendly at Grand Welcome Sea Ranch

Miles of hiking trails, numerous beaches, and even a dog park make Sea Ranch a great place to bring your 4-legged companion on vacation with you, and we welcome them at Grand Welcome Sea Ranch! We have a handful of properties that are dog-friendly so you hopefully won’t have any problems finding the perfect place to stay.

We require a phone confirmation and charge a small pet fee so please give us a call at (888) 780-4809 if you plan to bring your dog. We are happy to help during or after you’ve already made your booking.

Please note though, it’s required that you keep your pup on a leash at all times and stay on marked trails, which you’ll want to do any way for their safety. Venturing off can be dangerous for both you and your dog because of other animals and ticks that pose a threat year-round. Ticks are known to carry Lyme disease and other tick-born diseases so be careful and stay safe!

Dog Park

There’s only one dog park in Sea Ranch and it’s located right off Deer Trail, which can be accessed by car from Highway One. This is a perfect place to let your dog roam free, mingle with other dogs and take in the scenes and smells that Sea Ranch has to offer.


1.    Enter and leave areas with dog(s) on leash. Be attentive to the activities of your dog at all times.

2.    All dogs must be licensed and currently vaccinated

3.    Clean up after your dog.

4.    No aggressive dogs. Owners are legally responsible for their dog(s) and any injury caused by their dog(s).

5.    No unattended dogs.

6.    No dogs in heat.

7.    Bring no more dogs than you can safely monitor

8.    No climbing fences

9.    No food to be brought into the area.

10.  No puppies under six months or dogs who are ill.

11.  Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. No children under 10 years allowed inside fence.

12.  Dog owners must comply with all park guidelines for use.



Lodging For Your Pet – Full website

If you can’t find a property that allows pets, or you want to bring your dog but not look after them the entire time, there’s a great kennel called Bed & Bone Lodging for Paws. They will take really good care of your dog and provide long morning and evening walks, dinner on a deck and even a hot tub! They are located 5 minutes off Hwy 1 but can be a little difficult to find so please call them at (707) 882-2429 for exact directions.


Veterinarian – Full website

If your dog needs some assistance, the Gualala Veterinary Clinic is highly rated and will take good care of you and your dog. They are located at 38600 S Highway 1 – Gualala, CA 95445 and can be reached at (707) 884-3313.


Checklist for Traveling Dogs

Make sure you are fully prepared so your entire family, including the furry ones, have the best vacation possible!

·    Carrier and sturdy leash with an I.D. tag

·    Food, treats, food and water bowls, can opener

·    Some type of comfortable bedding

·    Don’t forget any medicine needed

·    Tip – Bring a chew toy and you’ll save a piece of furniture!