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How to Create Luxury House Rentals in Park City

Just like everyone’s version of the dream vacation is different, so is everyone’s ideal vacation rental. However, one thing everyone can probably agree on is wanting a relaxing place to call home that’s equal parts comfortable and luxurious. Adding the ” luxury ” label to Park City house rentals can help make your properties stand out from the competition.  

At Grand Welcome, our expert team has helped property owners all over the country become successful in their vacation rental endeavors. We’ve learned what people are looking for in their luxury vacation homes.

What to Include in a Luxurious Vacation Rental

Demand for vacation rentals started to increase in 2020, and it shows no sign of slowing down. With more vacationers looking for a vacation property and more people getting into the rental game, you need to find ways to make your Park City rental stand out.

One lucrative way to do this is by turning your house into a luxurious unit. There are some key things you can do to fit this label.

Sometimes it’s as easy as not only providing toiletries but high-end brands at that is an easy update that can go a long way.

A personalized coffee tray inside one of the luxury house rentals in Park City. Put together a welcome kit filled with local items like coffee beans, craft beer, and even an activity and attraction guide. To make this basket more personalized, have a little questionnaire for guests to fill out.

See if any spaces in your house could do with an update. This can be as easy as clearing clutter, painting the walls a neutral color, or switching out light fixtures. Sometimes this update means a larger renovation like remodeling the bathroom or kitchen.

How to Market Your Luxury Rental

All the upgrades in the world to luxury house rentals in Park City won’t matter if you aren’t able to get the word out about your property. However, when you list your property with Grand Welcome’s Park City team, you have access to tools that’ll help your rental gain visibility.

As a premier property management company, our services are designed to help you earn top dollar. Our in-house marketing team and pricing strategists work to get your house on over 30 rental sites year-round while booking them at top rates. You’ll also have access to our cleaning vendors and 24/7 guest support. Call 855-238-8981 to learn more about listing with us or fill out our online free revenue projection form today.