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How to Transform Your Santa Barbara Property into a Luxury Vacation Rental

When you go on vacation, you want your accommodations to be not only comfortable but also luxurious. This is the same thing potential guests are looking for when booking their own vacation home. As one of the top vacation rental management companies, Grand Welcome works to help property owners receive the most significant return on their investment. One way to do this is by making sure your Santa Barbara vacation rental is one of the top luxury vacation rentals. 

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Feel Luxurious

You don’t have to go through an entire home renovation to make your investment property into a luxurious rental. We’ve put together a list of three things you can do to up the lux factor without taking away from the coziness of your space.

1. Go for a Minimalist Approach

The saying “less is more” applies to your vacation rental just as much as it does to other areas of your life. No matter the size of your rental, filling every square inch with things can make it look smaller and less cozy than it is. Keep furnishings in each room minimal, and stick to neutral colors as your primary color palette. 

2. Play Around with Textures

One great way to give your rental a luxurious feel is by adding different textures to the space. Different textures can add different feelings to a room. Things like metals create a contemporary look, while reclaimed wood offers a rustic aesthetic. From adding metallic hardware to play off of natural materials to adding soft blankets on top of a leather sofa, there’s no shortage of ways to mix textures in a space.  

3. Don’t Forget the Little Things

Sometimes the most important details are often the little things. Things like lush area rugs, tiny bottles of body wash and shampoo, and even soft slippers can help add a little something extra to your space. When deciding what extras to include, think about what you as a guest would want to see in a vacation rental.

Turn to the Experts to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation Rental

A kitchen that showcases what luxury vacation rentals in Santa Barbara can look like.Owning a vacation rental property is a great way to earn extra income. Be as successful as possible by listing with a top vacation rental management company. At Grand Welcome, we strive to offer a personalized boutique-like approach to focus on quality over quantity. 

When you list with us, you get access to a hands-on local team, in-house revenue excerpts, dynamic privacy, premium cleaning services, and more. Our services are here to help you gain top dollar for your property. To learn more, request your free revenue projection or call 1-888-870-0102